Pittsburgh Facade & Cornice Surveys

Pittsburgh Facade & Cornice Surveys

If you're a building owner or property manager, chances are you have already felt some pressure this year concerning the upkeep of your facilities. The exciting event of last year didn't help either, but it probably did serve as a compelling wake-up call that deterioration, though slow over time, does occur and the ramifications can be extreme.

But where to start? Don't worry, we took some time and compiled the necessary information you need to keep on top of facade and cornice maintenance within the City of Pittsburgh:

Required Inspections: All buildings and structures except Use Group R-3, shall be inspected by a licensed professional engineer or registered architect to determine the structural soundness of items covered in Sections 304.8, 304.9, and 304.11, and their reports shall bear their signature and seal. All inspections made prior to the adoption of this code continue on their previous schedule at five year intervals. All new inspections shall be completed within one year of the adoption of this code and successive inspections shall be made every fifth year after the date of the original inspection.

We have provided the files below for you to download to keep up with Pittsburgh's maintenance codes.

From our location on Smithfield Street, and using our available UAS services in conjunction with conventional survey methods, AES has already carried out numerous inspections to evaluate the structural soundness of facades and cornices around Pittsburgh. Using the DJI Matrice 210, our drones record cutting-edge 5.2K footage with the Zenmuse X5S, and with the Zenmuse Z30 capable of 30x optical zoom, our professionals provide inspection services that are efficient, expedient, and economical.

We're here to help in any way we can. Contact us for more information on assessing your property, to get advice on how to proceed, or to schedule an inspection now.

Download PDFs:




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A (Bakery) Fresh Career at AES